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How Indeed Crowd Works

Employers ask Indeed Crowd's independent recruiter community to help them find talent.

Independent Crowd recruiters search high and low for the best candidates, including you!

If a Crowd recruiter thinks you fit a job opening, they'll reach out to see if you're interested.

If you are interested, the Crowd recruiter sends you a special invitation to apply.

Accept the invitation, and your application is sent directly to the employer.

Indeed Crowd Candidate FAQ

What is Indeed Crowd?

Indeed Crowd is a way for independent recruiters to help employers find their next employee. For you, it's an invitation to your next great role.

Where do the jobs come from? Are they real?

When employers need help filling critical roles, they ask Indeed Crowd for help! We promote these jobs to our community of independent recruiters, who in turn invite candidates like you!

Once you confirm your application, it’s just like a normal interview process. Sometimes, our team at Indeed handles your initial phone interview; other times, the employer does all the interviewing directly.

Why do I have to apply again or confirm my apply?

The employers we work with are interested in candidates who are interested in them. We ask you to “complete the apply” to confirm you are interested in the opportunity you have been referred to.

Does it cost anything?

No, Indeed Crowd is free for all candidates.

The Indeed Crowd recruiter who referred you may earn rewards based on your application (these are sponsored by the hiring employer).

What if I want to learn more about the job opportunity?

If you have questions about the job beyond what is in the invitation email you received, ask the recruiter who referred you. They can find out whatever you need.

I got a referral, but I don’t know why. What’s happening?

Please let us know if you’ve received any unsolicited invitations. Indeed Crowd recruiters should contact you before referring you to any jobs.

I’ve been referred before. Don’t you have my resume?

Each referral you get from an independent Indeed Crowd recruiter is unique. Indeed Crowd will not auto apply you to other jobs. You will still have to review your resume and confirm your application.

What are some other ways to find jobs on Indeed?

Indeed is the #1 job site in the world. You can always look for jobs on indeed.com and you can created an Indeed resume that will allow employers to find you.

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